Straight Ally Pride Flag Yard Sign

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Illuminate your outdoor space with our Straight Ally Pride Flag Lumilawn sign. Measuring 18" x 24", it’s more than just a yard sign—it’s a piece of outdoor art. The black and white striped background symbolizes support for LGBTQ rights, including allies. Imagine this flag gracing your yard decor, making a bold statement of inclusion and acceptance.But that’s not all! The built-in LEDs ensure it glows brilliantly after sunset, creating a striking visual. Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or an art enthusiast, our Straight Ally Pride Flag Lumilawn sign adds elegance and flair to any outdoor setting. Rain or shine, it’s built to last—it’s waterproof, weather-resistant, and ready to spread love and acceptance. Be an ally with Artglo and let your pride shine bright!

 • 18"x24" Solar-Powered LED Frame
 • 8 Hours of Nighttime Illumination
 • Holds a pair of our interchangeable prints

Lumilawn Pack Includes:
 • 1x ArtGlo Lumilawn and Stand
 • 2x Prints (for Front & Back)
 • 4x Ground Stakes
 • 1x USB-C Cable (optional use)

Glows at Night

Unlike ordinary signs that fade into the shadows after sunset, our solar-powered frame keeps the party going round the clock.

Interchangeable Prints

Switch out prints effortlessly. Graduation day? Pop in the “Congrats, Grad!” sign. Next week’s birthday bash? Swap it for a festive “Happy Birthday” message.

Customizable Prints

Upload your cherished photo and customize the text to create a sign that reflects your graduate’s unique personality and achievements.

Solar Powered

By day, they soak up the sun’s rays. And when night falls, they unleash their luminous glow, turning your yard into a beacon of celebration.

What is a Lumilawn?

The Lumilawn is an 18" x 24" attention grabbing yard sign for any celebration, announcement, or even yard decor! Set your yard apart from the rest.

It ensures your prints shine day and night. No more fading into obscurity after sunset—your yard remains captivating around the clock. As darkness falls, the magic begins.

Swap out designs effortlessly! Lumilawn’s slide and swap print system allows you to customize your yard’s look. Whether it’s a celebration, a cause, or just yard decor, adapt with ease.

Yard Signs That Never Sleep.

Ordinary signs fade into darkness, but ours? They thrive! As the sun sets, our solar-powered frames come alive, casting a warm glow on your interchangeable prints. 

Whether you’re celebrating milestones, supporting a cause, or simply expressing yourself, our signs make your home unforgettable—24 hours a day.

The Sign That Keeps on Giving (and Changing)!

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