Let your celebration shine

The Lumilawn is solar powered, fully charges in two hours of direct sunlight, and illuminates 8 hours of each night. Want to enjoy your Lumilawn right away? Simply hold the button for 3 seconds and your Lumilawn will instantly turn on. 

New Season, New Print

Decorate your yard throughout different seasons, holidays, or occasions with ease. The best part about ArtGlo is you only need one Lumilawn. Choose from our library of interchangeable prints or upload your own creation to have it reflect your unique style. The ArtGlo Lumilawn is double sided so you can mix and match prints on each side, perfect for those divided sports households.  

Worry Free Setup 

We believe that time should be spent enjoying your yard decor, not setting it up. Seamlessly clip in the feet to the bottom corners of the Lumilawn and voila! You’re ready to go. Find the perfect location in your yard, stake it down, and let it glow!

Weather Proof

Designed to withstand any form of weather, Lumilawn has been tested in storms, snow, and below freezing temperatures to ensure that your sign will light up regardless of the weather.

USB-C Charging Port

If you want to bring your Lumilawn indoors, or just make sure you have a full battery for your upcoming party, the Lumilawn can be plugged in with any standard 5V USB-A wall charger and an included USB-A/ USB-C cable.