How it works

Activated by the Sunset

Lumilawn automatically turns on at sunset. Want to use your Lumilawn right away? 

Use the button for different modes:

  • Single Press - Solar Mode
  • 3 Second Press - Instant on
  • Double Press - Off Mode

Slide to Swap Signs

Changing the look of your Lumilawn is easy with our slide to swap system.

How to change your sign:

  • Make sure your lumilawn does not already have a sign in
  • Line up the sign with the channel
  • Slide sign along channel until the sign sits flat
  • Shift the sign back and forth to ensure that the sign is properly captured
  • Repeat on the other side of your Lumilawn

Weatherproof Quality

Designed to withstand any form of weather, Lumilawn has been tested in storms, snow, and below freezing temperatures to ensure that your sign will light up regardless of the weather.

Did we mention the signs are weather and fade-proof too?

Solar Wrapped Frame

The Lumilawn charges and runs automatically in the sun. In solar mode, Lumilawn waits for sunset and shines bright for 8 hours each night.

Easy Clip-On Stand Legs

Setting up your Lumilawn is a snap.

How to change your sign:

  • Place your Lumilawn on a flat surface with the button facing up
  • Align one leg with the corner of the Lumilawn
  • Ensure the logo is in-between the Lumilawn and the other leg
  • Insert the pegs from one leg into the other
  • You will hear an audible *click* when your stand legs are connected
  • Repeat with the other set of legs and flip over to enjoy

Secure Your Lumilawn

Ground stakes ensure your Lumilawn stays put in your lawn. Insert one ground stake in each stand leg.

USB-C Charging Port

If you want to bring your Lumilawn indoors, or just make sure you have a full battery for your upcoming party, the Lumilawn can be plugged in with any standard 5V USB-A wall charger and an included USB-A / USB-C cable.

Whats included with my Lumilawn?

The Lumilawn is solar powered, fully charges in two hours of direct sunlight, and illuminates 8 hours of each night.

Lumilawn Pack Includes:

  • 1 ArtGlo Lumilawn
  • 2 Stand Legs
  • 4 Ground Stakes
  • 1 USB-C Cable (optional use)